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A View from Donnelly’s Castle, Queensland


1989 to 2017  


Christian themes:

Chapter 1: The passing on of the book
Chapter 2: Bette Boske’s vision (foreign paratroopers)
Chapter 3: Assorted stories
Chapter 4: Vincent Tan’s word of knowledge
Chapter 5: Aaron’s dream (landing craft)
Chapter 6: Excerpts from Jack Burrell’s book “What Will Become of Australia”
Chapter 7: Naz Spirotto’s vision/book (incursion into the Gulf of Carpentaria)
Chapter 8: My conclusion on invader
Chapter 9: Some interesting books
Chapter 10: Prayer to Jesus
Chapter 11: A casual look at Jack Burrell?
Chapter 12: The night I met Jesus by Aaron. (Aaron’s journey into Heaven).
Fin: A country trip...

Q. Could any of these stories become reality. 

Having collected prophecies for some 27 years I am still not sure. For prophecies to be genuine they must actually come to pass. Until then we simply have to wait and see. Nevertheless we continue to pray for this great nation the Christians call The Great South Land of The Holy Spirit; and encourage others to do likewise (prayer changes many things).

I will encourage Christian Revival and I will mention a few times, If we are on Gods Side of the fence, He is on ours. His Hand protects us from trouble.

NB: The subject of prophecies of an invader to Australia is spoken little of outside of the Christian churches of Australia so the subject is not a common subject. If you decide that you may one day want some of this information please make a copy. You could make a word document of it?
If any of this writing unnerves you, then why not take it to The Lord in prayer? To know Jesus personally is to know His Peace and a wonderful freedom from fear.

~So it goes~
 Everyone has a story. This is my more recent story (1989 to 2017). Nothing flash, just a simple story of how I came to hear of a (possible) invasion of the South Pacific; and some of my impressions.

It is likewise a story of the Aussie bush and somewhat of a road trip.
Mostly it is a story about a journey that gave me much personal vision. A story to remind me of where I have been, of the times and of the people and of the landscapes I love and of my sincere desire to see Christian Revival sweep this great nation. If we are on Gods Side of the fence, He is on ours.
There is even a story of an amazing journey to Heaven. (Chapter 12). Fascinating stuff!
As mentioned the overall story spans a period from 1989 through to 2017 (many tiring years of writing but what an adventure I had).

I suspect there is a time frame connected to the moment one becomes fascinated with a subject and the moment when one loses interest in it. After 27 years on this subject I am still amazed with it all. I have not lost interest in the mission of telling others about one possible future for Australia. One could say that many years later the subject continues to haunt me.

As for revelations of the future let us not forget that not all dreams, visions or prophecies actually get fulfilled. Some just don’t. Some turn out to be false prophecies. Some may have errors in them (having mans thoughts added). Yet each year the Christian community of Australia receives many communications from The Lord that are genuine. Some are dreams. Some are visions. Some are Words of Knowledge from The Holy Spirit through the laying-on-of hands by Christian prophets. Some people may hear Gods audible voice.
Some revelations come to edify (uplift) a person or a church. For our part, as Christian believers, all we have to do is interpret the communication correctly. Some revelations come as warnings about being on “a wrong path” so as to give an opportunity to correct the situation.

Is Australia on “a wrong path”? Times have changed. Morality has slipped. Many are lukewarm to other peoples needs. Christian Revival is needed. A narrow walk avoids Judgment.
Generally with prophetic things we note the content of the dream or vision or Prophetic Word and store it away as a reference to events which may, only may, occur. 
Most of the stories mentioned here were passed on to me Christian-to-Christian. One or two were in book form (there are a few excerpts).
As for stories we have learned from life that stories are just that...stories. The truth of a story can alter with many tellings so we keep an open mind with stories.
Personally I look for what may be the truth and spit out the chips (the weeds).

~A new frontier~
 I love a frontier. A place that is open and mostly unexplored. In-the-physical I love a place of trees and rivers, of animals and wild flowers. In-the-spiritual I love a vision that connects to a new adventure in the physical. Like most folks I love a journey to a place not-journeyed-to in times gone by. So it was a few years ago that I jumped at the chance that certain Christian prophecies gave me to enter previously “unexplored territory”. 

As for wars, sometimes wars have to be fought. Evil has to be resisted otherwise it spreads. There is even a time for war (Ecclesiastes 3:8, a time of war and a time of peace”). Until Jesus Christ returns wars against evil men will be fought by good men and women (include Mathew chapter 24). 

As time passed and as I discovered more prophecies I observed that a number of Christians in Australia tell their story of hearing from God about a certain event.
The event seems to involve the taking of part of Australia by an enemy of Australia.

No date for such an event has been mentioned by any of those who tell their story. 

Mostly, being recipients of a revelation, all we might get from The Lord is a look at an “approaching season” in which an event may occur.

This season could, of course, be some ways off.
The earliest revelation I found comes from the early 1970s. 1974 in fact. Many of the revelations are now quite old. Watching the region I suspect the event of an invasion, if it is going to occur, is still some years into the future from 2017.
There are many theories on the subject of an incursion. Some Christians believe an invasion is going to occur. Some believe it will be an in-part invasion (some land lost but not all). Some believe it will be a spiritual invasion as another belief system taking over? Thought on the subject by those interested is diverse (my thoughts Chapter 8).


I had better point out here at the beginning of the story that I have never had a major revelation myself about an invasion. Certainly nothing like Jack Burrell’s vision (Chapter 6). I simply collected revelations as I came across them.

After I had read Jack Burrell’s vision my curiosity got stirred and I went looking for other visions on the subject. I did this by writing to  “letters” columns in rural newspapers. Sometimes I got a response from a fellow Christian and my collection grew.
A dream, vision or Word from The Lord is a very personal experience. Some are so vivid it is like being there in real-time. Knowing this we listen to those who tell their story of being sent a “message” from God. God still speaks to people today. We just have to be ready for what He is saying.

As for national defence, there are many opinions regarding how it should be done. Generally I will stay out of this area only to say that I support the Australia/America alliance (ANZUS). We need our allies. Australia needs to stay alert...watching and praying. We likewise need to be friendly to allies and not speak against them. Words can hurt and damage relationships that are vital to Australia.

In the meantime in 2017 all in the South Pacific is generally at peace.

~Donnelly’s Castle~

Exploring southern Queensland, Australia I found Donnelly’s Castle, a startling cluster of boulders in-behind the small township of Stanthorpe, a quiet place for quiet thinking. Donnelly’s Castle was close to home and became a special place for me. A place to ponder the future. A place to plan for perseverance with Christian prophecy. You know you are in a quiet place when all you can hear is the rustle of the leaves in the trees around you and maybe a cow in the distance.
Donnelly's Castle is such a place. Stand still and listen and you can hear Eternity. There are many places in the Aussie bush like this. A timeless land.
I happily discovered Donnelly’s Castle, this almost unknown part of Australia, some many years ago whilst driving the back roads in-and-around the Stanthorpe area and was fascinated by the rock formations. The region around Donnelly’s Castle is high-altitude country with giant boulders and some pine forest locally. It also has quite a number of orchards, some vineyards and a few Bed and Breakfast farms.
Donnelly’s Castle is also surrounded by small communities with exotic French names like Pozières, Passchendaele and Amiens. Interestingly enough also World War 1 battlefields. Strange but as I look back down the years I seem to have become attached to national defence issues, prophecies of (possible) future conflicts, name-places from wars long-gone; and the like...and writing about them. 
None of this was what I was thinking of as a young born-again Christian (Jack Burrell’s book of course changed that). Writing about prophecy was quite contrary to my early Christian thoughts of a quiet country church life. I had no idea that I was going to get into this particular subject.  

Donnelly’s Castle is situated north of Jack Burrell’s “Byron Bay/North West Cape line” which stretches across Australia from Byron Bay, NSW in the east to North West Cape, WA in the west which Jack speaks of in his book What Will Become of Australia (Chapter 6).
And we lived north of the Jack Burrell’s line.
Was there a threat to our life in the country? Did we live in some kind of future “Red Dawn” country?

I had been amazed with the Jack Burrell prophecy, yet I found prophecy difficult to grasp. How real is prophecy? The events prophesied have to happen for the prophecy to genuine? I was unable to clearly say, at the time of reading Jacks book, what was on offer just that I was startled by it.
Ultimately I was left thinking many things and ended up going with the belief that no matter what happened Christian Revival might just one day just save the nation in times of trouble.

Once again, “If we are on Gods Side of the fence, He is on ours”. 
All of this then, became my “View from Donnelly’s Castle”. That one day Australia might just be invaded by another country. And we needed to be at least aware. Such thinking became my personal vision inspiring me to continue writing about revelations. 

I did not want to see the loss of part of Australia without telling others. Forewarned is forearmed. Forewarned means we can pray if we so desire.
Like Jack Burrell would have wondered of “What Will Become of Australia”. I too wondered about Australia. 

As for Christian revival there is no doubt in my mind today that we need The Lord to establish revival in order to obtain His Help with the future. When revivals break out crime rates fall. It is well known and documented. The people find Peace as The Holy Spirit moves into their lives.
So comes my desire to encourage the prayers of the Australian people that such an event as an invasion does not happen.

We need to seek God for His Protection on this great country. Australia needs to be ready for any kind of future. We can’t afford apathy towards prayer. Besides, prayer works. I have seen it time and time again. I have seen the miracles and the healings. The greatest miracle of all of becoming born-again as a person invites Jesus into their life.

{Donnelly’s Castle, if you would like a road journey, also has bar-b-cues, seating and a long-drop toilet. Likewise take water if you are going there. Across the valley, easily visible from Donnelly’s lookout though an hour away by road is Bald Rock another beautiful landmark}. 


Chapter 1: the passing on of the book.
It all started way back in the late 1980s in a small country town in rural Queensland with a Christian friend handing me a booklet. Peter Casey lived in the next street and being older in-Christ than we were, he had become somewhat of a mentor to our family. Had I known what Peter was handing me that day out on the street I may have thought twice about taking what he was offering?
My journey eventually became a long and winding road and long and winding roads can be very tiring. 1989 to 2017 is a long road.
What Peter was handing me was a booklet on prophecy from the early 1970’s titled What Will Become of Australia by one Jack Burrell. I later discovered that Jack had been a lay preacher from Ballina in northern New South Wales, Australia the very town where I had grown up in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s (a bit about Jacks life story appears in Chapter 11).
The book had a map of South East Asia and Australia on the front cover and part of the map was coloured-in, in black. By the time Peter handed me his copy of Jacks book the book had all but disappeared from Christian bookshops and was down to mostly being passed around by hand though I didn’t know it. 
Peter suggested I read the book. He knew I was keen on national defence issues because I had written on the subject in the local newspaper. Having read the book I believed the vision. It was that simple for me. I did not know if the vision was true, I just believed the events were possible.
Being fascinated by what Jack had written I now commenced to look for other prophecies to see if I could confirm Jack’s. I did this by writing to letters-to-editors columns in east coast newspapers.

Chapter 2:

Betty Boske’s vision from Sharon Moore's letter. 
Being out on a farm one day not far too far from where we lived I was visiting another old Christian friend by the name of Dave Peisker. Peisker as in Pie. As I was talking to Dave about Jack Burrell’s vision Dave suddenly said, “Sharon Moore’s mum had a vision one night back up in Mount. Isa, Queensland showing paratroopers coming down over the city”. I knew Sharon Moore nee Boske and her husband Les Moore quite well and somewhat did I know Sharon’s mum, Betty Boske. Sharon and Les had been pastors in and around our local country church scene for quite a few years; going away and coming back again a couple of years later as they did. Les had a personal vision for preaching to the Aborigines out in the northern parts of the New South Wales and western Queensland. Sadly Sharon passed on a few years ago to go to be with Jesus. She was quite a woman. She was a big lady with a big heart for needy people. It was here with Dave Peisker’s words that the road really began for me. My long and winding road.

The news of a paratroopers vision got me stirred up more than a bit. If there was a second vision apart from Jack Burrell’s were there more? And if so, who had one and what did the vision reveal? Were they beneficial to the nation? Would they encourage people to seek The Lord? Surely we could pray for Australia if such events had been prophesied; and get Gods help?

Such thoughts to a young Christian were very exciting. The whole show appealed to me as adventure.

After a bit of research I eventually tracked Sharon Moore down to Tamworth, New South Wales through her brother Dave Boske who was living over towards Brisbane and got a letter from her (this was in 1993) saying that some twelve years ago (making it around 1981) when living in Mount. Isa, Queensland Sharon’s mum Betty Boske had had a vision one night of enemy paratroopers coming down just north of the city and the roads clogged with people trying to escape but the roads were so crowded few could get out.

I knew Betty Boske, as I said, though I only met her once. I knew her as a mature Holy Spirit-filled Christian pastor who never deviated from the Holy Bible and its truth. She was sharp for Jesus. According to Sharon; and even though The Lord hadn't set a date for the paratroopers Betty upped house and moved back south into New South Wales. Even a Queensland police relative and his family also from Mount. Isa (Bette’s son-in law) packed up all they had and moved south as well, so genuine had Bette’s visions become.

I trusted both Betty and Sharon so naturally I trusted the vision. Betty had brought up her daughter Sharon well with a full appreciation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The whole Moore/Boske family group were on-fire for Christ. The Holy Spirit was always moving in the Moore/Boske services and people were always out on the floor flat on their backs getting administered by God’s Spirit for some problem or other. Healings were not uncommon. People were coming to Jesus and giving their lives to Him. Those were high-times in our Christian church life for my wife and I. Marvellous days. One could call them our halcyon spring Christian days. Such joy!

I later sent a copy of Sharon’s letter to the Australian defence department and received a reply from Brigadier Adrian D’Hage of public relations saying that he had passed it on to intelligence for them to have a look at.
Here’s a copy of Sharon Moore’s letter to me dated 18.10.93.
"Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name. Sorry for taking so long in answering your letter, life gets quite busy at times. It was nice to hear from you. We have not heard from Dave Peisker for a long time, do you know where he is these days. We have travelled a lot in the past three or so years, but it is nice to stop for a while. We are involved with the agog. Here having resigned the Full Gospel some time back. When we were living in Mount. Isa some twelve years ago my mother had a vision of enemy paratroopers landing just north of Mount. Isa. No one was expecting it to happen and when it did everyone was trying to get out but there was such a traffic jam. On waking mum felt The Lord spoke to her and said just these words “Two baby girls”. That very day two baby girls were born into the family, one was two weeks late and the other the day she was due. Mum felt this was a sign that one came to pass and the other would also. Some twenty five years ago I heard a prophecy saying that an enemy would invade Australia from the north and God would allow them to come so far into Australia because Australia mostly has rejected God but then God would raise up another nation to fight on our side and God would put hooks in the jaws of the enemy and drive them back. When this happens don’t give the people fighting on our side, but give God the glory. Our son Mark had a word over his life that he would don the uniform and quite a number who were in our church at the time got the same word from the same prophet that gave the first prophecy. This prophet was a true man of God who has since gone to be with The Lord and I have never known his prophecies to fail yet. Well I trust this will help you a little. God bless you. Christian love. Sharon more 18-10-93.”
Another Christian friend, Tony Logan from Katherine in the Northern Territory, who travels the roads in and out of Mount. Isa occasionally on his way to and from Katherine also confirmed that the roads out of Mount. Isa are considerably twisting and turning and narrow; that easily could they become clogged if cars broke down or crashed. Tony’s statement in a small way supports Betty Boske’s vision of the people trying to escape but couldn't escape.

Chapter 3: assorted stories.
Many tellings of a story can alter the original story so we take stories as they come. 

80 Mile Beach Western Australia 
I found this story different from the others in that a person appears to have ‘travelled by the Holy Spirit’. Interesting is the fact that God apparently ‘picked up the recipient’ and took him somewhere. I know a young man (Aaron) from my own church who was ‘picked up’ one night and taken to Heaven to a huge Heavenly auditorium filled with Light and with many angels where he spoke to at least one angel and to Jesus himself (Aaron’s story is at chapter 12).

People do get ‘picked up’ and taken places. The Apostle Paul did in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 and in Acts 8:39 we see...“When they came up out of the water, the spirit of The Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing”. 
As the story goes (as related to me by a Christian friend Tony Logan of Katherine, Northern Territory) a bush pastor was lying asleep in his tent one night some years ago out on 80 Mile Beach Western Australia when he was suddenly ‘taken-up’ by the Holy Spirit and taken out over the water and into a ship; one of a group of warships about to disembark soldiers and vehicles onto the beach and there he ‘saw’ all of these troops and vehicles inside the ship preparing to unload and move inland. This vision caused much discussion amongst the church group in question, so Tony said, as they all pondered how the soldiers might move up the beach through the sand hills and up out onto the road; from where they could travel anywhere north or south along the Great Northern Highway. This revelation is sited not so far north in-Western Australia as to be north of Jack Burrell’s ‘North West Cape WA/ Byron Bay NSW’ line or to conflict with Jack’s vision. A perfect landing spot to unload enemy vehicles Tony reckoned. Life experience tells us that when many people handle them, parts of a story can change. This story may not be completely accurate as some years had passed since it was given to Tony and he related it to me. 
It’s now 2017 and I haven’t heard from Tony for a few years?

White uniforms.
The invaders could be wearing white uniforms against the heat of the outback sun if they come? This Word of Knowledge also came from a Christian lady friend of mine from Menai, Sydney who also had a revelation on an invader. 
Rushing north. Another story I received back in 1993 came from Pro Hart, the Broken Hill artist, when I spoke to him on the telephone about an invader (I had written to Pro, a born-again Christian, previously). Pro spoke of a prophecy of Australian troops rushing north to help people move south away from an invader but he couldn’t say who received the original words or when. It could have been Jack Burrell’s vision/prophecy Pro was talking about but I couldn’t say for sure. Pro rang me up one day when I was living in Sydney after I sent him a letter on the invader and we talked for about 25 minutes about the possibilities of Indonesia invading. Pro seemed concerned that the Indonesian government might be able to load soldiers into cargo ship containers undetected; and that they would simply sail their ships right into Australian harbours?
A second Byron Bay, New South Wales revelation, a dream.
Came from a Christian man who saw one of my inquiries in the Northern Star newspaper at Lismore. His dream revealed Australian soldiers at the top end of the main street in Byron Bay, up near the beach end of the town, mustering as they waited for the enemy to move down the coast.
Simon’s dreams.
Another revelation is a set of dreams that came from a Christian friend who stayed with us for a while which spoke about an air attack on Lavarack barracks Townsville, Queensland...and of a strange new aircraft. A few years back we had a house mate by the name of Simon who, when living in Katoomba now some many years earlier, had a series of about 4 dreams one night not too long before he went to Bible College in Townsville and in one of the dreams he “saw” an air attack on the local army barracks and himself being led out of an army barracks classroom by a Holy Angel; and they both hid under a bridge as the barracks exploded. Some months later when he went to the Townsville Bible College he was stunned as he drove around the city to see the very same army barracks buildings he had seen in the dream and the very same bridge he and the Holy Angel had hidden under as the bombs fell. Simon had never been in Townsville in his life before and had never before seen the barracks or the bridge, even in photographs. He also “saw” a strange new type of wingless enemy aircraft coming in over the city slow like a chopper and it was firing what he described as a high-energy weapon. Wherever the crafts ray touched, there was an explosion. I wondered if an enemy of Australia is building stealth aircraft with new technology. Strange things can be seen in visions and dreams. Are they of the future? We wait to see.
Invasion from Antarctica?
Latterly I added another prophecy to my collection which I recently came across (early 2016) that enemy soldiers might one day move up from Antarctica? I haven't quite gotten my head around this revelation? An invasion from Antarctica would require great logistics and much stealth. Though Antarctica is yet to be greatly militarised, there appears a trend towards it happening.

Chapter 4: Vincent tan’s word of knowledge. 
I remember Dr. Vincent Tan from Singapore preaching at Southside Christian fellowship, Miranda in Sydney, New South Wales in 2000ad. Vincent was saying (transcribed from the Southside audio tape) quote, “About four days ago The Lord woke me up and I was praying and weeping. The whole night I did not sleep and The Lord was showing me the destiny of Australia. And God said that, you know, in ten years from now that we must evangelise and send out people into the uttermost part of the earth and in the next five years there will be dramatic and tremendous change in this part of the world. The political and economic power will fail. It’s only the ecclesiastical power that will remain. When the people of God get together and pray God will be able to stop the enemy. If not the enemy will just march right over this land without shooting. Just like that. The Lord told me that the Australians, they were complacent and they were lazy and so The Lord told me that the Australians were discriminating against other nations and God said He was going to deal with them and so God has given you ten years because the mission centre has shifted from America to Australia and you have a tremendous responsibility to get the Gospel to the uttermost part of the world and God will hold you responsibility if you will not get people out to send the message out to the world”, unquote. So what is Vincent saying regarding his word from God? Is Vincent speaking about an invader? “The enemy will just march right over this land without shooting” sure suggest it. 
~ As the seasons passed more and more I began to write to letters to the editors columns in country newspapers on Bette’s Boske’s vision, as well as Jack Burrell’s, to ask if any reader had heard of other revelations about an invader. Slowly bit by bit over the years talking to Christians, tracking people down here and there wherever I could, I came across about fourteen mentions of this invader just doing amateur research. I’ve also seen the occasional other prophecies of an invader on the worldwide web which I haven’t got here in this publication. ~ 

Chapter 5: a dream from Aaron a friend from church. 
Vision of an invader 27th September 2009 By Aaron. “The following is a dream I had about the future of Australia. This could be seen as a vision of events to come, with particular reference to forthcoming events described in the book of revelation. There have been other similar accounts recorded by fellow Australians, experiences that foresee an event not dissimilar to this one, in which an invader descends from the north, where Australia unwillingly becomes the subject of an invasion by a sweeping Asian army. From memory, the vision took place on a remote coastal town or village where I was one of its habitants. I can’t recall exactly where the town was situated. All I know is that it certainly felt like Australia because everything was really familiar. I’m also pretty familiar with the northern part of new south wales, having travelled through there several times end route to Queensland, but this particular town, including its lush vegetation and surroundings, felt like it could’ve been located south of Sydney, in southern New South Wales, where the climate is noticeably cooler and moist. I went to bed one evening, and fell asleep as usual. At some point in the evening, I was thrust into this truly horrifying experience, which unfolded like a lucid dream. It began in the middle of the night, where everyone in the town lay fast asleep. I suddenly found myself at a high point in the town, just on the outskirts of the community, on an open, green pasture. At this vantage point, I could see over the rooftops of the many houses, as well as the beach that lay at the foot of the black ocean. As I became fully conscious of the situation in which i found Myself, I remember seeing a number of people, all in their pyjamas and nightgowns, cautiously ascending towards me on the field, frequently looking back at the incredible sight that spewed from the ocean. As they came towards me, I remember seeing a number of lights switching on in the houses below, as if secretly alerted by some omnipresent authority or being. Peering out over the town and into the blackness of the ocean, I was horrified by what I could see. Two or three – a can’t recall the exact number – gigantic naval ships sat motionless in the black sea, and from these ships came a number of smaller military personnel carriers/boats (similar to the ones used by the us army when they landed on Omaha beach, but not entirely the same) which housed in excess of thirty soldiers, their helmets gleaming despite the distinct lack of light. as these boats stealthily headed towards the beach – and there were many –that’s when the terror set in. That’s when I knew we were being invaded, and that’s when everyone around me, on this open field above the town, began to panic, because it wasn’t the mere fact that we were being invaded by this faceless, unstoppable force. That was of major concern, it was that it was happening right before our eyes, and it was also the sinister, methodical way in which it was unfolding that really sticks in my mind. This was a night time assault, a mission planned and executed at a time in which the targets were at their most vulnerable; asleep. This is what gave the whole experience an ominous quality to it because not only were the townsfolk unsuspecting, but we wouldn’t have had the chance to acquire the means to protect ourselves, or alert family and friends. To this day I’m unsure of the nationality/race of this military force. All I know is that this was the beginning of a hostile takeover. I’m also unsure of how this attack was to be fully executed – whether it was going to be an all-out brutal assault on the township, or if it was going to be more tactful, where we’d be skilfully occupied by enemy forces and managed using less hostile methods (makeshift prison facilities or the like), or simply rounded up like dogs and executed one by one. As the smaller boats reached the sandy shores, the soldiers, in their hundreds, promptly alighted from the carriers, their weapons in clasp. As soon as those black figures stealthily traversed the stark, white sand towards the town, that’s when everyone dispersed from the field in horror. It was at this point that i realised that my mum was somewhere in the town, possibly unaware of the travesty that was about to unfold. It was then that i decided to go back into the town instead of heading in the opposite direction away from the enemy. I never got the chance to find my mum. At some point, I felt that my actions were proving fruitless, and that’s when I helplessly abandoned my search. It was a most unpleasant, upsetting time. That’s when all I could do was try to save myself, and thinking that the majority would flee away from the landing site and into the nearby hills, which they did, I slowly and carefully worked my way towards the beach and the advancement, and into the shallows where the rocks jutted out of the black water like shards of glass. I remember hiding amongst those jagged rocks for hours, unnoticed. From here I watched as the hundreds of soldiers quickly crept up over the beach like a great cluster of ants, swallowing the town and its various infrastructures in less than an hour. Nary was a shot fired. By the time the ordeal had ended, I was wet, wedged in between a flurry of jagged rocks, and not the slightest bit concerned about any sea snakes or eels that may be lurking in the area. I was cold, afraid, and I was preparing for imminent death. I was somewhat convinced that my mum was being rounded up, along with hundreds of other innocent residents, and forced into the most horrible degradation that can only be alleviated by a quick death. I feared for her greatly, and deep down, I knew that none of us were going to make it alive. that’s when I awoke, and as I lay there for several minutes reflecting on the experience, I somehow knew within my spirit that what I had envisioned was not only closely linked to various other accounts of an Australian invasion, but it also felt very likely to occur given the state of the contemporary world, and the gradual and inevitable fulfilment of end time prophecy. The incident felt like a confirmation by The Lord, not only through its clarity, but also through the various documented visions that seem to predict that a military force is likely to move in from the north, either from china or Indonesia. Their interest in Australia has been duly noted over the years – through various outlets by various individuals - and as each year rolls by, there seems to be a greater influx of Asians, particularly Chinese, on Australian soil. Surely, this can’t be a coincidence”.


Chapter 6: excerpts from Jack Burrell’s vision (What Will Become of Australia 1974). 
As mentioned, Jacks revelations started me off way back in 1989.
Of all of the revelations I regard Jack Burrell’s as the benchmark (Benchmark: a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed). 
Jack’s book appears to pre-date any other major revelation and work of fiction in the modern era regarding an invader to Australia; and there have been a number of interesting books on the concept of an invader to the South Pacific.
I couldn't find any earlier prophecy than Jacks. Jack’s book is not a work of fiction but Jack's own description of a 'prophetic revelation' from The Lord Jesus Christ. The revelation, in 2016, is over 40 years old and some of the social aspects of his revelations are starting to happen.
Quote...“Several years ago, I arose early in the morning, in the dark hours, to spend an hour in prayer and supplication with The Lord, as was my custom (The Lord when he was upon this earth, used to go out early in the morning and pray, so how much more do we need to do so). Having prayed I returned to my bed again, and went off to sleep. Perhaps I had not been asleep long before The Lord began to speak to me by way of a vivid dream showing me something of what will become of Australia. The dream came to me in two distinct parts.
Part one- I saw a vision of a great map of the world spread out on a wall before me. The map was a white background with the outlines of the countries in black, very plain and very clear. As I looked in wonder at this great map, I was amazed to notice that a filling in was slowly taking place of certain countries, in black colour. What I saw reminded me of the pictures we used to see in our newspapers during the war when the axis powers were encroaching on countries, and each day their advance was indicated by filled in areas. I saw the blackness begin to fill in at the northern end of India, and slowly move down until all of India was black. The black mass kept on moving and spreading, taking in Ceylon (sir lank) and all of Burma, and continuing down to fill in Malaya, and Sumatra and Borneo, on through Java and all of Indonesia, including West Irian. Then as Papua and New Guinea filled in, so also did the northern end of Australia, and Australia slowly filled in right down to a line across the continent from North West Cape in the west to Cape Byron in the east. Here the filling in halted, and remained, leaving less than half of Australia not filled in. What I saw was the invasion of Australia by an alien force, and as I watched this revelation taking place I was somewhat relieved to see the invaders stop at Byron Bay for my own home was at Ballina, only a few miles south. The vision was so real. The map of the world faded away as I looked, and in my dream I was left thinking about it all, and I was telling myself that away in the far distant future, someday such a thing would happen, but not in my day. And I reasoned like this with myself until I was startled to find myself an actual participant in yet another vision even more vivid than the one I had just seen. A vision in a dream sent to me, I believe, to settle in my thinking a time factor, not in some far off day, but somewhere within my normal life span. I could be alive, and aware of the very invasion in actual time. Nowhere up to date have I been shown the identity of the invaders. Some people have speculated that they are Russian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or that Islam is to arise in Arabia, and extend its empire right down to Australia. But I would not like to say anything until it was clearly revealed.
Part two- In this second part of the dream I found myself to be out somewhere in the more western and arid area of New South Wales or Queensland. It was outback country. I noticed the trees, all small like shrubs, Myall or Gidgea, low and scattered, as far as the eye could see. The air was full of rising dust, caused by the movement of stock, mostly cattle. And there was the noise of cattle, and of stock men, and their dogs barking. I noticed that all the movement was in a southward direction, and they were hurrying. Then I noticed people walking, and stopping to shelter with children in the scanty shade of the small trees because of the heat of the day. As I stood there looking at this unusual sight, a vehicle of the Australian army forces drove up to me, and one of the occupants, an officer, spoke to me and said, “Get out of here as quickly as you can. We expect a battle to take place right here today in this area”...unquote.
Jack had other revelations from The Lord during this period associated with his “invader vision”. Here is a list of events straight from “What Will Become of Australia” …page 20.
There would be a time coming when… quote, "People will lose faith in authority, and a breakdown will take place in attitudes leading to open rebellion against all forms of government. With the build-up of perplexity, and the breakdown of morale, will come a general falling away as we have never envisaged, reaching into homes, and schools, and places of employment, and clubs, and churches, and governments. Iniquity will abound at a rate hitherto undreamed of, and as the scripture says, ‘Evil men shall wax worse and worse’. A last ditch stand shall be made for material security by many people, and at any cost, by any means, and across the whole strata of society many people shall be trodden under the feet of so-called neighbours, and so-called friends.
Greed and avarice will be like a consuming bush fire taking all before it, in big business, and monopolising combines. But The Lord himself will see to it that the righteous are fed, and clothed, and not lacking in any good thing. They shall be a wonder to the wicked, and a help to the poor and needy. They shall rejoice in the goodness of The Lord.
Demonic powers shall be evident as some people will yield themselves to strange forces, causing others to be deceived by them, whose destruction will come upon them from the powers that bind them. But all power which is not of God will utterly fail before the name of The Lord, and any person who calls on the name of The Lord shall be delivered. Lust is going to be like a great epidemic spreading out through the nation, leaving a trail of sorrow, and broken lives in its wake. It will not be safe for any girl, or woman, to be on their own.
Sex will be emphasised through every medium possible, to gain and warp the imaginations of people, both young and old. Adultery will not be regarded as sin, and unfaithfulness will not be seen for what it is, a vow made to God, broken asunder. But The Lord will sanctify his people, and in the midst of corruption show them forth to principalities, and powers, as the perfection of His grace.
There will be a strange fear stalking the land, driving many to consume alcohol and take drugs, or do anything in order to escape its dark some shadow. It will come upon people, bringing with it, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, and all manner of sickness. Hospitals will not be able to cope with the sick and dying.
There will be many victims of violence, as crime, rape and godlessness abound. Famine is going to sweep the country, and right here in Australia there are going to be those who will (suffer from lack of food). The famine will not be caused by droughts alone, although there will be strange weather behaviour bringing loss to rural areas, but the real cause will be political bungling and greed.
Farmers will not be able to provide food because of a great fuel shortage, and transport difficulties. Implements and machinery will lie in the fields and food will waste away. At this time world politics (and powers) will be involved with the affairs of Australia.
There are to be three great kingdoms on the earth who will rise in splendour to outshine each other. They will be like the sun, the stars and the moon as they shine. Out of those kingdoms shall come a force like a terrible dust storm, showing itself stronger and stronger, until all is engulfed by it? It will take country after country until Australia is reached, and half of Australia is taken. Right now, at this present time, there are men of dark countenances** gathering to plan, and to scheme, and to share their ideas for the fall, and the take-over of Australia. They are absolutely ruthless. They are not concerned about their own lives. They want to kill, and cause destruction. As the scripture says, “their feet are quick to shed blood”. They are gathering now. They are strengthening their positions. They are making ready to go to war with lands that are like un-walled cities, and defenceless against them.
Their dark secret is to take all before them. But the lord knows their secret, and desires to broadcast it from the rooftops, and make it known, for the sake of the righteous, and because of his mercy towards all who will turn to him, before it is too late. When these things start to come to pass people living in the northern half of Australia will flee to the south to shelter from the invader. Some will flee because they will take warning from the lord, and others because of fear. The accommodation of so many will be a terrific problem, and how to feed them will be another.
There will be a programme of conscription of manpower and woman power, whipped up by the government bodies for the defence of the country. As the invaders encroach further and further, the more intense the conscription will become, until only the young, and the old escape. When the invaders have finally taken possession of all of the northern half of Australia from its most easterly point to its most westerly point, a perimeter will be set up, and the advance of the invaders will be stayed because of some world political compromise being reached among world powers. And the invaders will keep the northern half of Australia, and populate it with people of their own choice. The southern part of Australia will be governed by a communist style government, and all land, and all property will be owned by the state. Farmers from the north will have to work land along with farmers in the south to provide food for the people. All people will have to do as they are told, and will be oppressed by a police system empowered to make arrests, or kill without trial, for the slightest law infringement. There will be no substantial peace, or freedom again in Australia, until that day when the Lord Jesus Christ shall return with power and glory to rule the world in righteousness. This is where the "word of wisdom" ceased, and I was left speechless. This was so final and so devastating that i wondered if there were any hope left anywhere. I am sure there is"...unquote.
I am sure there is too Jack...his name is Jesus, the hope of the nations.
**not dark as in race or colour but in thoughts towards Australia.
Jack Burrell’s book would have to be the most significant of the prophecies on an invader to date and appears to have travelled the furthest. I even met a Christian lady many years ago who still remembered the day when Jacks book was handed out in her Christian church. It was an exciting event she remembers. Jacks spreading of his vision and prophetic words amongst the Christian churches was quite a magnificent endeavour. Pray for Australia! That such events do not happen!
Chapter 7:
Naz Spirotto’s vision/book.
Another of the revelations I came across spoke about an enemy incursion into the Gulf of Carpentaria (revealed as a 'whirlwind' in the vision) and the towns in the gulf and the towns down the east coast (towards Brisbane) on fire. This came from the book “Wipe Out” by Naz Spirotto 1986. Naz who is from Sydney, now said he received a vision one night of this whirlwind entering the Gulf of Carpentaria and wherever the whirlwind touched a town the town broke into flame. Naz spoke much about sin and judgement in his book and I took his words it as a warning from The Lord about Australia’s sin. Australia has been a blessed nation since her foundation. How sad it must be for The Lord to see her wandering away from His Word and from the Christian churches? All through the Old Testament we see that every time the children of Israel went-over to idolatry and sexually immorality god turned them over to their enemies. Sin against Gods will has consequences. His will for mankind is in the Holy Bible. God is a loving God but He wants our hearts and minds solely on Him. The Christian believers have no problem with this.
When I became a born again Christian in 1983, confessed my sins and asked Jesus into my life, I was dying from a series of bad life decisions I’d made over some decades. I’m so thankful Jesus saved me from that earlier life. Naz is an independent pastor in Sydney and was preaching Jesus to street people in the inner city.
Like all of the revelations on an invader we will just have to wait and see.
Sadly by the time of this writing (2016) Jack Burrell has gone to be with The Lord (1982). Bette Boske has gone. As has Sharon Moore, her daughter. Les Moore is remarried to a lovely lady called Ann. The rest of the story tellers about an invader coming to Australia seem to be scattered across the region. Maybe more visions and prophecies will pop up? I’m sure they are out there.
I don’t zealously chase revelations any more. I became tired after over 25 years of writing. I guess I’ve found enough of them at this stage on my long and winding road. In later years I’ve spent much of my time spreading Jack Burrell’s book through my blogs. If you’re a newspaper editor and have printed a reference to Jack Burrell and his revelations through a letter I’ve sent in, “Thanks. You helped the project”. There are a number of us in the Christian churches, mostly old Christian people from an earlier era, who believe Jacks vision to be genuine...i.e. warnings about an ungodly nation and its sin and the consequences of that sin. Here’s praying for national Christian revival.

Chapter 8: Conclusion on the subject.

There appears to be a number of revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ (an unknown number Australia-wide) in and amongst the Christian churches about an invader on Australian soil. Some revelations suggested a lack of readiness on the part of Australia for the event. These revelations seem to relate to a period in the early 2020s (there has been revelation on that era). We simply have to wait and see?
In all of the revelations we may be, only may be, looking at the loss of some portion of Australia at least for a while; and The Lord possibly allowing it because of the sins of the people.
A nation involved in abortion, pornography, alcohol, drugs and in a great falling away from the Holy Bible and the Christian churches is not going to be blessed to any great extent.
As mentioned previously there is no date for an invasion and the enemy has not been specifically named in any of the revelations. My own personal view is that an invasion, if happening, will have its origins in the Far East.
All of the Christians have read about the great army known as the KINGS FROM THE EAST (from the East) in the Holy Bible (Revelation 9:16 and 16:12) so I personally watch with interest the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation nations.

The deceiver: back in the 1990s I met a prophet who referred to the invader as the “deceiver, the great deceiver” (a Prophetic Word from God), pointing to the possibility of great stealth on the part of an enemy. The West needs to stay alert and not deceived by smiling faces or smooth talk offering peace agreements.
Jesus encourages us to remain awake and to keep our lamps trimmed.

Yes indeed! I am coming soon” are His Words (Revelation 22: 20). So let’s stay awake and pray.
Australia is a great country…lets pray for Australia.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says that there is a season for everything under Heaven. It may be that the season of The Lord sending dreams, visions and prophecies about an enemy coming to Australia may have ended for now? It doesn’t take a really large number of revelations from The Lord to do the job of informing our nation and her allies. Just willing hands to pass them around. My old Bible College teacher Ross F. once said that The Lord sends prophecy and visions so that when an event does occur we can get comfort from knowing that He has forewarned us of the event and, even though the event is now happening, He is still on the Throne and still in charge and able to care for each of us and for our families. I believe that The Lord always wants us praying for Australia. Praying for Christian Revival and for the preservation of our nation in hard times.

One of my other pastors also said; and it’s worth paying attention to, “I wouldn’t worry about an invasion unless there is a sudden increase in revelations about an invader”. In 2017, to my knowledge, there is no sudden increase in revelations of an invader.

Additional US grain harvest vision @ 

Chapter 9:
some interesting books. 

The Holy Bible: Luke chapter 21/Matthew 24, 2 Timothy chapter 3, 1 Thessalonians chapter 4, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and the Book of Revelation...on the last days.  “The Cosmic Conspiracy” by Stan Deyo (still available on the internet) and “Warning”, “Second Warning”, “Final Notice” and “PS” (4 books in all) by Pastor Barry Smith (NZ). For a good reference on the end times click on the internet the signs that we are in the end times. ~ As I have said if any of this unnerves you then you really need to go to Jesus and ask him to take the fear away. Do you want to be saved and find the peace you seek? Why not go off into a room and pray to God as if He was a friend. Invite Jesus Christ in and become born-again (john 3:3). Just confess your sins and ask God to forgive you and simply invite Jesus Christ His son into your life simply believing that He died on the Cross for your sins and that God raised him from the dead…and get saved. ~


Chapter 10:
salvation prayer:


Let’s pray for Australia. If you would like to pray for yourself please join in. Pray to know God better.


"Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you now in the name of your only begotten son, Jesus Christ, and I ask you to forgive me for all of my sins. I receive you Jesus into my life as my Lord and Saviour and I thank you for all that you did for me on the Cross at Calvary. I thank you for your shed Blood for my sins. Please be my Lord and Saviour and send your Holy Spirit to live in me. Thank you Jesus for saving me in your Mighty name. Please look after me Lord, and my family and this great country of Australia. Protect us from the desires of other nations, Amen."


Now that you have come to Jesus and are saved go and locate a good lively church. Read the Word of God each day.


Chapter 11:
Who was Jack Burrell? I never knew Jack Burrell myself. He was before my time. I read his amazing vision/and Words of Knowledge and wanted to know if there were more revelations similar to Jacks? In Jacks efforts, printing and distributing his book, I saw my own “personal walk” when it came to ministry on the subject. Our hearts were very much alike in that we both cared about the lost and both used whatever means we could to preach Jesus Christ that others might live. Jack was well-experienced with the Gospel as a lay preacher. His revelations gave me an adventure-in-writing. A new frontier. For that I am thankful.

In time I found information about Jack Burrell on the Smythe family blog. I wrote to the blog managers and thanked them for putting up information about Jack. At the time of finding the Smythe family blog I didn’t know much about Jacks travels, even though I had written about his book for years. Through the Smythe family blog I heard from a member of Jacks family. In March, 2011 I met his daughter who still had some copies of Jack’s book. It turns out that Jack died in 1982 of cancer and was buried in Gilgandra, NSW where he was born. Jack had eight children; one girl and seven boys. His daughter gave me permission to distribute the remaining Burrell books on the condition I make no profit from them. I kept my promise.

It seems Jack was a mechanic of some considerable skill and had worked on a perpetual motion device at one time. He apparently did many engineering jobs and even took parts of a WW2 aeroplane and used them on his farm machinery. He also sold and repaired sewing machines in his journeys around the country towns. His cousin is Pastor Arden Burrell. There are today also Burrell family members living all in many parts of the bush. On a visit to Jacks daughters place I saw Jacks WW2 photo scrap book with its sketches and with its photos of WW2 RAAF life on airbases; and at some collector aircraft cards from that age. Jack loved aircraft. Jack like many soldiers returned after the war and rarely spoke about his experiences. Jack lived in Ballina, New South Wales for many years. I too had lived in Ballina as a young boy in days when it was a quiet coastal town. Jack believed so much that had God had revealed (to him) ‘a vision of the future’ that he printed his own books and sold them for a small amount of money to continue the printing right up until he died. His daughter estimates he received the vision in 1974 and then began his work of distribution of his book. I had a very pleasant hour with Jacks daughter and her family (nice cup of tea) and lo and behold came home with one large box with 50 to 100 books. For me it was full circle. Having been handed one of the few remaining Burrell books back in 1989 by Peter Casey in country Queensland all of those years ago and having written so many times about "What Will Become of Australia" by Jack I am now with some of the last of Jacks books. I came away from Jack’s daughters place with a sad feeling. In all I have found about Jack Howell Burrell I feel I've come across a remarkable man with a remarkable vision and an amazing personal endeavour to tell Australia of what he felt had been revealed to him by The Lord Jesus Christ. I felt I had come across one of Christianity’s quiet hero’s. Jack and his vision remain legendary in parts of the Christian churches of Australia. God bless you Jack and your family:)

So there it is. Mostly that’s the story. If you’re ever in need just remember that Jesus is always there, just a prayer away “Everyone who calls on the name of Jesus for help will be saved”…Romans 10:13. See you in a lively Christian church this Sunday? “You must be born again to enter Heaven”...John 3:3


Chapter 12.

The night I met Jesus by a friend Aaron 16th September 2009.

Quote Aaron,

The following is an out of body experience I had in the early hours of Wednesday 16th September 2009. More specifically, it is a journey I had into heaven where I saw and embraced Jesus himself. It was not a lucid dream, nor did it feel like one. This was something far more significant than that, and as a result, it is very difficult to recount and describe certain sensations in which my spiritual ‘body’ experienced because there are no earthly words or descriptions that could do them justice. All I know is that I still maintained my knowledge of earthly emotions throughout the experience, yet what I experienced physically, in and through my spirit, was enormously supernatural. It is also important to note that the previous day a few profound things had happened to me. After an extensive prayer session about my ongoing alcohol addiction, I finally agreed that I would attend AA meetings; something in which The Lord Jesus Christ had been pushing in my life for some time. After repenting and receiving his forgiveness during this intense prayer session, I experienced a profound sense of comfort and peace within myself, and the night before my experience, The Lord revealed to me – through wisdom and knowledge – how I could apply certain aspects to my life in order to achieve his goal within me. Actor Patrick Swayze had also died that day, and knowing that he too had wrestled with a long-time alcohol addiction, I saw myself and my shortcomings in him in many ways. I am absolutely certain that there is no coincidence in his untimely demise and the explicit, new-found understanding of how I was to manage and eradicate this demonic presence from my life. My experience didn’t begin with my spiritual body leaving my earthly body behind as I slept in my bed. I have read many accounts of people being able to physically see themselves leaving their bodies behind and venturing upward and outward into space. My experience was different in that my soul, or spiritual body, was seemingly plucked by the father, at light speed if you will, and placed directly into heaven. I simply found myself there. When I found myself in Heaven, it was like waking up from a slumber. Maybe death is like this, where at the moment of death your earthly body ceases to exist, your eyes roll backwards into the blackness, and you suddenly awake into a full spiritual being, with newfound senses and emotions specifically designed for a heavenly environment. So, I found myself as a spiritual being and not in my fleshy, earthly body. I had limbs, a torso, a neck and head, but I couldn’t see them, and to be quite honest, I had no desire to look at them. This experience was not meant to be awe inspiring and personal, where the lord was going to walk me through and show me the spectacular sceneries of heaven. My experience was for something more important; spiritual cleansing, healing, deliverance, and personal and spiritual clarification. I know this because I didn’t experience elation and wonder while I was there. It was a conflicting experience. I felt somewhat ashamed and unworthy because when The Lord walked past everyone else in that vast, glorious, sparkling auditorium and finally came to me with his arms outstretched, reaching for my hands, I have never felt so naked and vulnerable in my entire life, but he reassured me with his soft, compassionate glare that although I was an immoral, shameful sinner, he still loved me and was always going to forgive me as long as I stayed by his side. That kind of love is so unbelievably hard to fathom. It’s a love that human beings don’t have the will or capacity to fulfil. Without digressing too much, there i was amongst hundreds, maybe thousands of other spiritual beings in this gigantic, white, glowing, spectacular auditorium, which I could only associate as being a church or chapel. I’m not too sure what physical position I was in because I wasn’t used to this body that I found myself in; I was somewhere between human and spirit, body and soul; if that makes any sense. However, it did feel like I was on my knees with my head bowed, but I couldn’t be certain. All I know is that we were all in a state of worship, waiting for something or someone to arrive. It was as if this was a scheduled meeting of selected souls. It seemed from the very beginning to be purposeful. I had no desire to look at others around me, or in front of me, but I do at one point recall curiously glaring up at the ceiling of the church which seemed to venture upwards for ages into a vast pointed cone. At the front of the auditorium was a long line of angels which appeared as a great mass of whitish golden light. I couldn’t give you an exact number, nor could I even estimate the amount of angels that stood before us. All I know is that the light that emanated from their presence was so powerful it seemed to surge right through my torso, particularly where my heart would’ve been situated. Although I couldn’t really identify any of the angels physically, I do remember one in particular. I don’t know why I could see only one of them, but it was as if I knew this particular angel. He felt familiar in some strange, unusual way. When people hear descriptions of angels as having wings, they’re immediately debunked as rambling clichés. Let me tell you; angels have wings. Physical and seemingly natural wings. There’s no feathers or explicit design to them, but they’re definitely there, fastened brightly to their backs. This single angel I somewhat recognised was tall, muscular, and glowing with this extremely bright light that permeated from every orifice of his being. his wings weren’t outstretched at all because of the standing position he was in. All I could see was the tops of his wings, and although he didn’t have any discernible facial features, his silhouette revealed that his hair was immaculately groomed and cropped, and sat around shoulder length. When I looked at him from afar, I knew he was glaring right back at me. Despite the fact that I couldn’t see any expression or definition on his face. He had no eyes, nose, or mouth. His face was just this cavity of light that shone outward, but in no specific direction. it was as if the light that projected from his body, and from all the angels’ bodies for that matter, collectively enlightened the space in which we inhabited, providing sight and sound and texture; a visual landscape to our surroundings. It must also be noted that throughout this experience in the auditorium, while I did experience an overwhelming sense of safety, I also experienced a sense of fear. It wasn’t the kind of fear that you associate with darkness, terror, or even horror. It was the fear that Jesus talks of in the Bible, where men are supposed to be god-fearing and humble. As I said previously, this experience was more purposeful than others that you hear or read about. This was one of caution, warning, and personal spiritual deliverance. While we were all worshipping and praying aloud, our heads somewhat bowed, the angles at the front were emitting this sound, a sound that is very difficult to describe as I have never heard anything quite like it. It wasn’t singing or chanting or even humming, but it was certainly ongoing and ceaseless; a language that transcended song or any spoken language that is recognisable in the world today. And, if it were the gifts of tongues, then it’s not like the tongues mouthed by human beings, because clearly angels have no voice box, or tongues, or a mouth to verbally channel such sounds. It was just this unusual, soothing, honouring, glorifying sound that permeated throughout the entire auditorium, and it was so forceful and powerful that it almost felt that you had to cling onto something to withstand it. From the moment I was in the auditorium, I knew – and we all knew – that we were waiting for something to happen, or someone to arrive. And, little did I know that that someone was only moments away. My first reaction when Jesus arrived was one of astonishment and disbelief, because he didn’t just walk in from the left or right at the front of the auditorium. He just miraculously appeared, and as soon as he arrived, I couldn’t believe that I could actually see him. I was dumbfounded. When I’ve prayed in the past, I’ve always tried to imagine and visualise him in my mind, wondering with curiosity at his physical appearance, but let me tell you one thing, his outward appearance and physicality far exceed any human interpretation or imagination, because his physical presence is made up of so many infinite components that it’s just so hard to fathom or understand the importance of his purpose. Jesus is an exceedingly beautiful man. The most beautiful looking adult man you could ever imagine with your primitive, human mind. It’s impossible to compare his beauty and looks to anyone on this earth, but if you could attempt such an incredible feat, I would suggest checking out the fashion catwalks in Europe, because those men are the only human beings that come close. When we first saw Jesus, he appeared at the front of the auditorium with his angels. The angels were simply this mass of light, with no real physical form or stature, but when Jesus appeared, he stood in front them, making himself completely visible and distinguishable from his angels. At this moment, I remember the angel I had previously recognised leaning in towards him, kind of whispering in his ear. Maybe not so obvious, but the angel was definitely communicating to him in some way. All this time, he looked out at us, his congregation, and stood there for a while, and as he did this, I and the rest of us experienced this sensation that I’ve never experienced before. Before Jesus arrived, the angels alone were emitting this overwhelming light and sound and energy unto all of us, a sensation that again is hard to describe because it’s not an earthly feeling or sensation, but all I know is that it was warm, and loving, and very strong and powerful. But, when Jesus arrived, this sensation increased so much that it was almost unbearable, and that’s when I knew that not only was I in the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ, but I was still in some way or form connected to my earthly emotions and sensations; I was partially human, partially spirit. This sensation pulsated through the entire auditorium, and the angels increased their sound and light in the presence of Jesus, and if I could describe it in any way it was like that feeling you get when you’re going down a roller coaster –very, very fast - but without that sickening, nauseating feeling. I felt really giddy throughout the proceedings. I can’t recall exactly what Jesus was wearing, but as he stood in front of his angels, he appeared to be wearing some sort of single, long white garment. It wasn’t a robe, but it was the same sort of length and shape. Clothes in heaven aren’t clothes. They’re not even garments. They’re just intangible ‘things’ that shroud a being; they can be removed at any given time without having to pull yourself out of them. That said, I’m not entirely sure if Jesus was wearing anything at all. The truth was that it wasn’t important. When one looks at Jesus, you only look at his face because that’s the focal point of all interaction and communication in heaven. There was so much love and protection in his presence that although it felt so unfamiliar and raw, you felt safe and loved and wanted. There was no wind or sound or anything like that when Jesus emitted his love and power before us, just the sound of his angels behind him, glorifying his very presence. during this time, myself and the rest of us, experienced this overwhelming power, authority, grace, and love, and although myself and others wanted to stare at him all the time, you just couldn’t because his presence was so overwhelming that you felt almost ashamed or unworthy to look at him, and i know now, and I did find out only moments later, that it was acceptable to look at him because no matter how guilty I felt of my earthly shortcomings, he still had forgiven me. In fact, I knew that he wanted us to look at him, but because I was made conscious of my earthly shortcomings during this time – which I now see as a point made by Jesus himself to deliver me from my immoral Earthly deeds – I felt like I was significantly unworthy, so when I first saw him at the front, I only looked at him once or twice. This, of course, was only moments before he walked up and addressed me personally. When Jesus came up to me, all I remember is that I had my head down and I was on my knees – or standing, I can’t really recall - in a bowing position. By the time I looked up, the whole auditorium had shifted, along with my perspective and sense of space. At this point, there was no one in front of me, but quite simply an intangible, invisible path in which I saw Jesus approach me. He walked slowly in from the left, his face and eyes glaring at me the whole time. This was the point in which I felt the most exposed and naked in my entire life. I knew that he knew everything about me. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and ashamed in my entire life. But, as he approached, he comforted me with an unspoken language. He summoned me to look at him, and that’s when I immediately looked up and saw his face up close for the first time. Coming in from the left, his head was turned in my direction the entire time, and although I felt naked, ashamed, and afraid, he told me – without any spoken words–that it was alright, that he’d forgiven me despite my immoral ways. He was here to deliver me, heal me of my sins, and clarify his love for me. He would do this so that I could improve my ways, and help others who’ve experienced similar troubles. Jesus is tall, around 6’2” to 6’4” in height. If I were to guess his age, I would say no older than 35 years. He has long, lean, muscular limbs, with sinew visible on every ounce of his body. And, he has no visible scars! His hair is long, cascading down the back of his neck in wavy, rich brown strands. His beard is only moderately long, neatly groomed and cropped, and it too is rich and brown in colour. But, the one thing I’ll never forget is the way he stared at me with this compassionate, unwavering glare that was neither sorrowful nor pitying of my earthly deeds. I mean, he never looked away from me. He was never distracted or interested in anyone but me at this particular time. It was truly indescribable. It’s as if he looked upon everyone in a different way. He had a glare for each individual soul. All I can say is that he knew me, inside out, more than I knew myself, and by the time he stood opposite me, knelt down, and stretched out his arms towards me, I knew right then that I was his son, a child he cared about so much that he wanted to heal me. When I reached out and grabbed his hands, I stared into those eyes, which could have been brown, I’m not sure, for about 3 or 4 seconds before immediately bowing my head once again. All I knew is that those eyes were so, so deep, like a universe in themselves. A galaxy of knowledge and compassion, his eyes were oval in shape, and open, and seemingly relaxed and at peace. His stare was never threatening or intense or overtly authoritative. Instead, it was comforting and soothing and reassuring and gentle and most of all, loving. And, that’s when I begin to cry like I’ve never cried before. With my head bowed, I reached out to him with my mind, moreover my spirit. This was not a communication of words. I simply asked him, “Why do you love me? How could you love someone like me?” he simply replied, with no spoken words, “because you are faithful. You always come to me like a child.” This is when my crying increased even more. I felt delivered and reassured. Not by my family or friends, but by the lord Jesus Christ. Still holding his hands, I felt this overwhelming warm sensation fill my entire body, as if he was using other hands that were hovering over my back to remove some sort of illness or disease, and immediately afterwards, I felt like something had been taken from me, something foreign, impure, and wretched. This sensation was much warmer than what Jesus emitted into the auditorium when he first arrived. It was much less intense, and it felt more personal; designed especially for me. With my eyes seemingly closed, all I could sense or see was this bright light that would not dissipate. It wasn’t the kind of light that is piercing, that stings your eyes. It was much softer, fuller, and pure than the kind of artificial light that we’re familiar with in the world as we know it. And, that’s when the experience ended for me. The light brought me back into my bed, and me back into my earthly body, but when Jesus held my hands, not only did he heal me, he gave me a souvenir, and never before, in this day and age, has a scripture been more about being humble and bent on extinguishing the arrogance that is rampant in the world today. Jesus gave me Mark 10:15. “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” I’m not entirely sure why I was chosen to experience what i experienced. Or who those other spiritual beings were or why they were there. I’m also not sure whether those beings experienced exactly what I experienced while in Heaven, or whether it was just meant for me. Maybe I’ll never know completely. Either way, I consider myself eternally privileged and blessed. But, it was as if I was a part of a congregation who was being prepared for something. Either being prepared for a greater more fulfilling life in heaven, or being prepared to bring people to Christ in this life. At this stage, it may be safe to assume that it’s both. Thinking about this experience almost 24 hours later and wondering why this has happened to me, I can only equate it to the fact that i have prayed in the past for The Lord to use me, and to equip me with the fundamental knowledge on how to make it into Heaven and never fall by the wayside again, because I’ve done that plenty of times, and I never want to do it again. I pleaded with The Lord to keep me on the “straight and narrow”, and this experience will enable me to do such a thing, and also help others who require simple directions in order to stay alive in Christ. And, for the sceptics out there, the reason these things may sound somewhat familiar or even clichéd is because of one thing; God has implanted in us at least some partial idea of what these experiences may be like because we were created by God in the first place, but it’s not until you actually see or experience these things that they are confirmed and are profoundly real to the person exposed to them. That’s the only way I can justify what I have experienced to those who have yet to experience it for themselves. Aaron.


 A country trip (if you like travel in Australia). Many years ago my attitude towards Australia was less than it should have been. Then I moved to the country and lo and behold I found a different world and fell in love with Australia and 'the bush' as we call it. My special spot is the granite belt of southern Queensland and, of course, the New England area of New South Wales. One region leads into the other. For example: if you are looking for a pleasant road trip drive north of Tenterfield, New South Wales and you will get onto a section of Mount Lindesay Road (the old Mount Lindesay Highway) that will take you passed Thunderbolts Hideout, the old ww2 tank traps and on passed Bald Rock; one of my favourite climbs (it’s a wonderful view from the top of the rock, if you’re going there though, take the easier slightly longer tourist path with its rock caves and rock orchids). Further along towards the little township of Legume you can turn off Mount Lindesay Road at Cullendore road, just after crossing Wylie Creek, and head north/west towards the Queensland border. About five or six kilometres along Cullendore Rd. You will top a small hill, a tarred left-hander, and there laid out before you is what I consider to be one of the most beautiful views in all of Australia. It’s a long, low valley which stretches from east to west as far as the eye can see. The timeless land of Australian legend. Hardly anything has changed for decades. What a glorious pale panorama it is with its light browns, its yellows and its dusty-green tree tops. All of it with a great, big, wide, open, mostly blue sky for most of the year. Maybe I’m a bit of a softie but this great panorama always speaks to me of other times and of other people. Of the farmers and the field workers. Of the timber cutters and their great horse-drawn carts. Of those who built the small towns. Of the carpenters who constructed those lovely old wooden homes we call Queenslanders. What an atmosphere the whole region has? Much of the lay of the land and the little towns are like Darcy Doyle paintings. It’s a small part of a much greater continent; one worth praying for. I believe Australia is worth praying for. The happiest days of my life were amongst born-again Christians in lively Christian churches.


Are there more prophecies about Australia "out-there" amongst the Christian churches of Australia? I guess it’s up to Australia and her allies to go find out. Prophecy has value. It gives an insight into an aspect of Christianity few realise.